Talking About Divorce With Family

Divorce is a significant life change that can sometimes come as a shock to the ones closest to you. According to a specialist divorce attorney in Orange County, even though bringing up the subject can be tricky, having a support system is helpful when navigating all of the unknowns. During this time, you might be experiencing anxiety resulting in telling your family what is going on. Ultimately, it is up to you to know how much information to share and when.

Knowing what to say prior to this discussion helps prepare you for possible questions they may ask. Sunita Sood is the best divorce lawyer in Orange County who can help you navigate how to talk to your most trusted confidants and make sure you have the best support system possible.

  • Tell your kids first

Let your children know what is going on and what to expect during this process. This will help them process the situation and keep away from the possibility of being blindsided by finding out the divorce from another source.

  • Keep it simple

Finding the words to say can be challenging. Start by telling your parents and your spouse’s parents first. It is unnecessary to tell distant relatives or people who aren’t involved in your daily life. Odds are, they’ll find out eventually.

Keeping the subject simple is the most promising approach to deal with this daunting discussion. With as much composure as possible, deliver the message calmly and keep away from giving too many details or blaming one another. Every domestic violence lawyer in Orange County suggests that placing blame can cause more tension and animosity between both parties, making this already less-than-ideal situation more challenging.

  • Be patient

Keep in mind that you have had time to think about what is happening. Your family members have just found out and have not had much time to let it sink in. be prepared to answer their questions with as much grace and patience as possible. It is only natural for them to want to know what factors lead you and your spouse to this decision.

  • Set boundaries

There will be details that will be better to keep between you and your spouse, and it is essential not to feel obliged to answer every question your family asks. Complex topics such as child support, property division, or spousal support are examples of information better dealt with privately to circumvent outside influence.

It is helpful to let family members be acquainted with the aspects of the divorce you will not be discussing. Set clear boundaries in order to help control the conversation and stay on task. An excellent approach to doing this is by saying, “I am sure you can understand this is difficult for me, and I would appreciate your understanding that I do not want to disclose every detail of our situation.”

To seek further guidance regarding the treacherous aspects involved with divorce, contact Sunita Sood at The Law Offices of Sood and Sood. She is the best Riverside divorce attorney that you can count on!

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